Select SA Made was created in January 2018 because Jimmy Zhang noticed that very few SA Made products were taking advantage of the large growing Chinese market for quality Australian made products. 

Jimmy Zhang was born in Shandong Province, China and moved to Adelaide in 2007. Jimmy has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management and has extensive experience running online businesses using Chinese e-commerce platforms and understands the unique differences of marketing on these platforms to Australian on-line marketing strategies.

When Jimmy discovered that Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, and Qingdao in China’s Shandong Province became official sister cities in 1986, a deal that has boosted trade, investment and tourism for both regions and as Shandong has the third largest provincial economy in China, Jimmy could see the opportunity and the vision for Select SA Made was formed. 


"To provide solutions for South Australian businesses to access the Chinese market through on line platforms, daigou communities and exporting whilst protecting their branding and reputation. To participate in and strengthen the trade relationships between South Australia and the Shandong Province, China and China" 

"Promoting SA Products to China through Daigou King, E-commerce platforms and Chinese distributors. To help build South Australian brands equity in China and transition into a "retail experience" through concept stores that allow consumers to touch, see, smell and taste the products."

Mission Statement

To educate SA businesses how to build and sell their brand in China. 

To promote SA Made Products to Chinese students in all South Australian Universities, the local SA Chinese community and Chinese tourists through existing relationships and marketing strategies.

To foster the Daigou King program and attract new DaiGou to promote and sell SA Made products to their relatives, friends and clients in China.. 

To brand SA tourism and SA made products together by using online platforms in China specifically targeted to maximise exposure to the Chinese Market.

To provide professional marketing services to SA businesses to build their brands in China. 

To provide professional translation services to translate English marketing materials into contextual Chinese marketing.. 

To participate in and strengthen the trade relationships between South Australia and the Shandong Province, China. 


Educating South Australian businesses how to access Chinese market  

Educating SA Chinese community about SA Made products 

Accessing Chinese Market Services 

Product information & marketing translation services 

Chinese e-commerce advertising and targeting strategies  

Chinese warehousing, showrooms and logistic services 

Export into China approvals application services 

Chinese website building and online management services 

Chinese social media account creation and chines social media management services 

Online advertisements for Chinese search engine optimization 

Online advertisements for social media services 

Chinese marketing graphic design services 


Australian Select SA Made website 

Chinese Select SA Made Chinese website  

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