DiaGou Community

Daigou ( Overseas personal shopper[1] ) is a channel of commerce in which a person outside of China purchases commodities (mainly luxury goods but also groceries) for a customer in mainland China,  We are trying to turn  the personal shopper into the sales person for Select SA Made .

The Daigou community in South Australia of approximately 10,000 people is made up of Chinese born residents and Chinese international students.  The Daigou are recognized in China as being overseas personal shoppers who send products that are not available in China direct to consumers and to order. 

There are many opportunities within the Daigou community to promote and market South Australian Made products as they are seen to be of a high quality in China.

Select SA Made aim to educate Daigou how to run a successful business and provide samples, marketing materials and the reasons why SA products are superior to products from the rest of the world.

Select SA Made will support Daigou to build their businesses through promoting on their personal Chinese online platforms and increasing their customer base to capitalize on the expanding Chinese market for SA made products.

Select SA Made run regular seminars to introduce the SA Chinese community to SA Made products and to provide information to successfully run a Daigou business along with attending events including Chinese New Year celebrations in China town and University O weeks.