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City Introduction

Weihai  formerly called Weihaiwei (Weihai Guard)  is a city in eastern Shandong province, China. It is the easternmost prefecture-level city of the province and a major seaport. Weihai borders Yantai to the west and the Yellow Sea to the east. Weihai's population was 2,804,800 at the 2010 census. 

In 2017, the annual GDP of Weihai City, Shandong Province was 700.10 billion AUD dollar。

In 2017, Average of GDP of one person in Weihai City in  was 24632 AUD dollar.

In 2017, the average of  disposable income of one person was  about 6800 AUD dollar.

WeiHai Exhibition

Weihai International Exhibition Center is an indoor exhibition hall, a central square and related supporting functional areas. The main venue of the exhibition hall adopts a column-free structure design with a total construction area of ​​55,800 square meters, a building height of 22.65 meters, and an indoor exhibition area of ​​26,600 square meters. With an area of ​​9,000 square meters, it can hold various exhibitions, exhibitions, indoor sports activities, etiquette and performing activities.

The architectural functions of Weihai International Exhibition Center mainly include indoor exhibition halls (three A, B, and C),( Hall A/C , 1st floor 8000M2 , 2nd floor 2000M2 ) (Hall B, 3000M2 ) conference rooms, business negotiation rooms, offices, equipment rooms, central squares, and parking spaces.

The main technical indicators
       Total land area: 91590 M2
       Total floor area: 55788 M2
       Indoor exhibition area: 26600 M2, about 1000 booths
       Outdoor exhibition area: 9000 M2, about 400 booths
       Number of building layers: 2-4 layers
       Building height: 22.65 meters
       Floor area ratio: 0.61
       Building density: 26.0%
       Green coverage rate: 26.7%
       Motor vehicle parking space: 280

2019 March 29-31Qingdao International Beauty Expo

City Introduction

Qingdao  also spelled Tsingtao) is a city in eastern ShanDong Province on the east coast of China。As of 2014, Qingdao had a population of 9,046,200 with an urban population of 6,188,100。 

In 2018, Qingdao ranks 33rd in the Global Financial Centres index published by the Z/Yen Group and Qatar Financial Centre Authority. 

Annual GDP of QingDao in 2017 is about 2000 Billion AUD dollar. 

In 2017, the average disposable income of one person was 7753 AUD dollar.

Qing Dao Exhibition Hall

Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center is a modern intelligent exhibition hall integrating exhibition, conference, business, catering, entertainment and other functions.The total construction area will reach 150,000 square meters, including an exhibition area of 110,000 square meters (indoor 55,000 square meters) and a conference area of 10,000 square meters. The exhibition center covers an area of 250,000 square meters, and the indoor exhibition area is 50,000 square meters. A total of 3,000 international standard booths can be set up; the outdoor exhibition area is 80,000 square meters; and there is one luxurious conference room that can accommodate 400 people at the same time. There are 6 meeting rooms for 200 people, as well as a number of small and medium-sized conference rooms, negotiation rooms and VIP rooms. There are nearly 10,000 square meters of fast food restaurants and medium and high-end restaurants, which can provide Chinese and Western fast food, large buffets, etc. Grade catering service.

Upcoming Exhibition

Yan Tai City

Yantai  Shandong Province, China.Lying on the southern coast of the Korea Bay, Yantai borders. Qingdao on the southwest and Weihai on the east. It is the largest fishing seaport in Shandong. Its 

population was population was7,089,400 in 2017.
in the 2017.

Annual GDP in YanTai was 141 billion in 2017.

In 2017, the per capita disposable income of Yantai City residents was 6500AUD dollar.


Yan Tai Exhibition Hall

Yantai International Expo Center has a total construction area of 158,000 m2, of which:
Outdoor plaza:
The outdoor plaza covers an area of 60,000 square meters and has a large landscape sculpture and water system. The design is simple and generous.
Indoor pavilion:
The exhibition hall covers an area of 59,360 square meters and can accommodate 3,800 standard booths.

Main indicators

1. Ground hall : 11360m2.
2. There are 6 indoor exhibition halls, divided into 2 floors, with an exhibition area of 6,200 m2/piece.
The total area is 37,200 m2. (The first floor has a net height of 11 meters and the ground bearing capacity is 5t/m2.
The second floor has a net height of 10 meters and the ground bearing capacity is 1.5t/m2. )
3. There are 6 exhibition halls all year round, with an area of 1800m2/piece.
The total area used is 10,800 m2. The modern facilities in the pavilion are fully furnished.