Export to China

How Australian products export to China?

There are three ways 

  1. Direct Post  Products are sent to China via Australian Post or international logistic companies. This is the most cost effective way of selling to China as there is only customs tax involved when sending small quantities.  This process takes approximately 2 weeks.  Along with the Daigou, who send goods to their Chinese customers as a business, there are also International students (20,000 SA based), the Adelaide Chinese community (80,000) and Chinese tourists (58,000 travelled to SA in 2017) who purchase Australian products as gifts to send or take back to China. 
  2. Selling via an E Commerce in China.  Australian Products are stored in a warehouse in China which is an integrated free trade zone.  When Chinese clients order via an E-commerce channel, the goods are sent directly to the customer.  This process will attract discount consumption tax and custom tax and will take 2-3 days for the products to reach the customer.  The exporter needs to cover the costs of sending the products to China and storage at the warehouse.  
  4. Export For Australian products to be sold in supermarkets, pharmacies and retail stores in China, the products need to be approved for sale via Chinese authorities.  The exporter needs to apply direct to China and the process varies in difficulty depending on the product category and it can take up to 12 months to get the relevant approval.  All local taxes will apply including the full consumption tax, custom tax and product taxes, as well as export costs and storage costs