Program to promote SA made products

 The innovation is in branding SA tourism and SA made products together using online platforms specifically designed to maximise exposure to the Chinese Market.
By targeting Shandong Province, which is the 3rd largest economy in China, Select SA Made will build on the existing trade partnerships and government relationships that South Australia and Shandong province have shared since the sister city program began in 1986.
By creating the one South Australia branding & selling gateway, Select SA Made will make an impact on Chinese online and mobile platforms to create an awareness of the many quality products and amazing experiences South Australia has to offer. SA businesses will benefit from new markets created by Select SA Made in China. This in turn will economically benefit the South Australian economy and create job opportunities for South Australians.




When mobile user or our target clients enter into our page and they could explore the SA postcard in different categories and each postcard are is attached with A SA made product.

 Example of on line mobile: